Care at Home & Homecare Providers in Sheldon

Home Care Agencies, including Housing&Care21 Solihull and Midland Care Services Ltd, in or near Sheldon are set out below. For more information on the Homecare Agencies, click the relevant link.

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Mears Care Ltd (Birmingham)

Room G8/G10 Sheldon Chambers, 2241 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3NW

Agency / Group: Mears Care Ltd

Mears Care Ltd (Birmingham) provides high quality and flexible care for older and disabled people who want to avoid costly nursing homes and would like to continue living in their own homes. They know… more

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Yardley Home Care

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Silvermere Centre, Silvermere Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3XA

Housing&Care21 Solihull

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Westhall Court, 1 Sheldon Heath Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 2DQ

Midland Care Services Ltd

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Suite 2 Cannon House, 2255 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3NX