CV Search

The CV Search is currently in its final stages of testing (launching March 2017). We currently have 7679 CVs registered. If you would like to register your interest please enter your details below. We will contact you as soon as the CV Search is live in March 2017.

There will be a 'CV Search Trial' that will allow you to test the CV Search with unlimited searches, however Candidate Interactions* will be disabled. Full access to the CV Search will only be available on an annual subscription and there will be a special introductory discount price of £2000 + VAT which includes unlimited searches and up to 100 Candidate Interactions* per day for 1 user**. Additional User licences are available at £300 + VAT per annum per user, each User licence includes unlimited searches and 100 Candidate Interactions* per day.

*the following count as a Candidate Interaction:
(i) downloading a candidate's CV from the Website onto any computer device such as a PC, phone or tablet computer;
(ii) viewing a candidate's contact details on the candidate profile page (viewing a candidate's profile will not be considered as a candidate donwload);
(iii) a CV attachment received as part of an email alert or emailed to self from website;
(iv) sending a message to a candidate via the website. Please note Candidate Interactions are unique to the Candidate per each day, For example if you Downloaded John Smith's CV and then on the same day also viewed John Smith's contact details on his profile page, this would only count as one 'Candidate Interaction'.
**A user is a person or organisation with a unique login.
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