Universal Care Ltd

Chester House, 9 Windsor End, Beaconsfield HP9 2JJ

Universal Care Ltd look to provide a professional domiciliary service that is based around the needs of the individual. A skilled care team are experienced in a wide range of personal needs, with requirements continually assessed to make sure provision is appropriate.

The provider believes in a robust training programme and an approach that respects the dignity of each client. Many older and vulnerable adults have been helped in remaining active and independent, while having their well-being safeguarded.

Owner : Universal Care Ltd

Person in charge: Stewart McGinn (Managing Director)

Type of Service: Home Care Agency (Voluntary / Not for Profit Owned Owned)

Registered Charity Number: 1074928

Provides Carers directly to the general public: Yes

Number of Carers: 200

Fees Guide: £17.20

Services Offered: 24 Hour Care • Adult Care (18+) • Care for Children • Live in Carer • Personal Care (on a contracted hours basis) • Personal Care Assessments • Risk Assessments in the Home

Care Offered: Call in Service • Cancer Care • Cleaning Service • Companionship • Dementia • Domestic Services / Home Help • Elderly Care • Food Preparation & Serving • High Dependency Care, two carers attending • Hospital Discharge • Laundry Service • Learning Disability • Medication Assistance • Mental Health Condition • Palliative Care • Personal Hygiene Care • Physical Disability • Respite cover • Sensory Impairment • Shopping Service / Errands • Sit in Service • Transportation Service

Latest Care Quality Commission* Report on Universal Care Ltd: click here

* Care Quality Commission is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in England.


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4.9 Universal Care Ltd has a Review Score of 4.9 (4.875) from 4 Reviews

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Universal Care was able to provide a carer to us at very short notice. This enabled my mum to fulfil her wish to spend her final days at home with us (her son and husband). A delay of only 2/3 days in providing the carer would have meant that this wish would not have been fulfilled.

The standard of care provided by our carer was excellent. This was also a slightly unusual situation in which the person requiring care was still living with her family. Our carer integrated seamlessly into our family and provided me and my dad with emotional support.

How likely would you be to recommend Universal Care Ltd? Extremely Likely

Overall Standard


Care / Support


Treated with Dignity

Value for Money

Average Rating:   5 out of 5

Trudi Scrivener, Managing Director at Universal Care Ltd responded to this review on 29 Mar 2016:

Thank you for your kind words, I am very pleased that we were able to help.

We started employing Universal in 2014 after our 81-year old Dad had a very serious stroke. As my mother has a disability, she was unable to care for him herself and had care needs of her own. Although it took a while for us to get a pattern of regular carers, once this was established, the service we have received has been excellent. They have always treated Dad with dignity, respect and humour and have been extremely tactful in how they have handled our Mum and her increasing needs (which she has not always wanted to admit to). In particular, our three regular carers went above and beyond what was required of them during times of crisis, for example when Dad was in hospital, and they did everything they could to ensure he was properly cared for there, as well as taking care of Mum and then adapting to time-consuming new care procedures when Dad came home. When Dad passed away recently, all three carers were clearly upset - they obviously genuinely cared about him.

How likely would you be to recommend Universal Care Ltd? Extremely Likely

Overall Standard


Care / Support


Treated with Dignity

Value for Money

Average Rating:   4.8 out of 5

We have used Universal Care for almost three years for help with care for my disabled son. The staff are all pleasant and helpful and the office staff do all they can to accommodate our needs. They even send clients a small gift and card at Christmas! They make us feel valued.

How likely would you be to recommend Universal Care Ltd? Extremely Likely

Overall Standard


Care / Support


Treated with Dignity

Value for Money

Average Rating:   4.7 out of 5

You have provided care to two of my clients and I am very impressed by the standard of care provided. The live-in carers have been very professional but have been very compassionate and caring at the same time. I won't hesitate to recommend you to other clients.

How likely would you be to recommend Universal Care Ltd? Extremely Likely

Overall Standard


Care / Support


Treated with Dignity

Value for Money

Average Rating:   5 out of 5

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Awards / Recognitions

February 2013

Dignity In care Award

Recipient: Universal Care Ltd

Date: Friday 01 Feb 2013

more details

Job Vacancies

Staff Profiles


Stewart McGinn

Job Title: Managing Director

Joined: 2017


Over 25 years experience of managing care services. A passion for quality and providing the very best possible service to clients.

Stewart has excellent knowledge of CQC and compliance regulations having been in operation and commission roles for many years.

Nurse qualified with registered home manager experience prior to stepping in to executive management and leadership positions.


Peter Cullimore

Job Title: Chairman

Joined: 1986


After running Universal Care for over 3 decades, Peter continues to find the success of the agency as rewarding as ever. Peter is still in touch with many of our clients and carers on a regular basis. He believes that the success of our agency is dependent on our high standards and in the time and energy invested in making sure we recruit the very best carers available.


Dawn Jackson

Job Title: Live In Care Manager

Joined: 1992


Meet our Live In care manager.

I manage the live-in care side of our business, helping to build tailored support for our clients to keep them in their own homes for as long as possible.

I have always enjoyed looking after people and get a great deal of satisfaction by enabling people to lead an independent life. My first care job was a Carer, and I have since dedicated my life to Care!

Throughout my time in the care sector I have sadly witnessed poor care, and people not receiving the right support- this has made me determined to provide the best care and support that I possibly can.

What does a typical day in the life of a care manager entail?

One of the things I like most about my role is that there isn’t really a typical day! Much of my time is spent out of the office either meeting new clients, or visiting existing clients and supporting our carers. Our live-in service is expanding and we now have several clients further afield in London, Surrey, Southampton and Northamptonshire. I think it is really important to stay in touch with our clients and make sure our carers feel well supported. When I am in the office I am often updating care plans or organising paperwork for existing clients. Olivia (my colleague) and I also spend a lot of time discussing our client’s schedules and trying to ensure that carers and clients are well matched. One of the things I like most about working for Universal Care is that it is really personal - I know all of our clients, and our carers and spend a lot of time building up positive relationships with them.

What has been your greatest highlight so far?

We complete a client and carer survey every year, which helps us to continue to provide the highest standards of care. Our most recent survey yielded some really positive results - it was lovely to see the positive impact that our service has on our clients and their families, and to know that our carers feel well supported. There really is no greater feeling than knowing you have genuinely made a positive difference to someone else’s life.


Stacey Lawrie

Job Title: Carer

Joined: 2011


Stacey's profile:

“Hi, my name is Stacey and I have worked as a carer with Universal Care since 2011. After spending some time working in tele-sales I decided to have a change of career and haven’t looked back since!

I had been working for another agency before I joined Universal Care but I decided that the company wasn’t for me. Universal Care is local to me and has a fantastic reputation; so I took the plunge, made the switch and 4 years later I am still loving it!

I started by attending a 3 day induction course which gave me a good understanding of what to expect and some of the practical skills that I would need. I was then paired up with an experienced carer who took me to see her clients and really showed me the ropes - it was a great way to gain some practical hands on experience with the knowledge that I had someone there to help me if I was ever unsure.”

What do you like about working with Universal Care?
“One of the things I love is that all the calls are a minimum of one hour. I have so much time to not only carry out the required tasks, but to also spend some real quality time with my clients. The clients are all lovely and I see each of them as my extended grandparents. Above all I actually feel appreciated, not only by my clients, but also the office staff – which really goes a long way!

There is always plenty of flexible work for me (and the pay is very good too!) The office staff are supportive and quick to deal with any queries I may have. There are also plenty of opportunities for me to develop as a carer. I have been fortunate enough to have been put forward for my diploma and there are always different training courses each month on a wide range of topics. My managers always encourage me to complete these extra courses and they really help me when I am with my clients.”