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2018-01-19 Care Homes Job Title: Live in Carer

Job Setting: Clients Home

Job Role: Live-in Carer

Date Posted: 19 Dec 2017

Job Location: Dorchester , Dorset

Salary: non specific salary

Hours: Full Time

Contact Name: Laura Brown



As a Live in Care Assistant, you will be required to undertake such duties as would normally be expected of a competent caring relative when caring for an elderly, handicapped or otherwise disabled or incapacitated person. Such duties will normally be performed in the service user’s own home.

Live in Care Assistants are employed to work with clients on a 24-hour basis to provide care and support to the clients as detailed specifically in the care plan provided for each client. All clients are individuals who will have received a person centred holistic assessment of their needs which forms the basis of their care plans. Your role is to meet their needs and to ensure they are supported ensuring at all times that their privacy, dignity and independence are maintained. This will include not only assisting with the client’s personal care needs but also their social welfare. The role may include shopping, cooking and will include light housekeeping duties. Care packages will vary from providing companionship care through to end of life care.

The aim of 24 hour live in care is to enable clients to remain in their homes with as much independence as possible, carrying out the tasks in a professional, discreet and caring manner whilst respecting the clients’ dignity, privacy, property and confidentiality.

You will be required to provide transport to and from your place of work. You may be requested to transport service users in your own vehicle, but this can only be done with your agreement and only after your completing the Employee Car Questionnaire and supplying the documentary evidence required therein.

You may be required to assist patients/service users to attend hospital appointments and to escort them on social or other visits.

You will not be required to, and must not, undertake any tasks that should only be undertaken by a trained nurse. Particular attention is drawn to the Policy ‘Medication – Procedure for Administering and Handling’ in the Staff Handbook.

On each visit to your patients/service user’s you will be required to keep accurate and legible records of patient care, treatment and progress, either in full compliance with the requirements of the establishment where you are working, or in the case of domiciliary care, in full compliance with the record keeping system stipulated by Everycare.

You will be required to work in accordance with the directives laid out in the Staff Handbook and Everycare’s systems. It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the contents of the Handbook before commencing your first assignment.

You are required to comply fully with the terms of all the Registration Documents that you have signed and the Policies and Procedures detailed in the Staff Handbook. You are specifically reminded about your obligations with regard to confidentiality


  • Professional
  • Reliable

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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