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Education does not protect against cognitive decline in later life, study reveals

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 24-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

A new study has found that whilst older people with a higher level of education have better memory function, it does not protect them from cognitive decline as they age. Research published in the journal

Suicide and dementia: 'I possibly don't fear dementia like some people do, because I'm prepared for it'

Sue Learner, Editor , 23-Feb-17 article from 'Features' section

Dementia expert, Professor June Andrews, has revealed that she doesn’t fear dementia, despite knowing that if she lives to 90, she will have 50 per cent chance of getting the disease. There are around 850,000

A 'Dessie-shaped' hole in her heart drives Esther Rantzen's work for lonely, older people

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 22-Feb-17 article from 'Features' section

Broadcaster Dame Esther Rantzen’s husband Desmond Wilcox died of a heart attack in 2000, but 17 years on, the 76-year-old says her cure for loneliness is keeping busy to stop older people feeling alone. “It’s

Council tax rises won't halt 'deep cuts' to social care and bin collections

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 20-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

All but four councils across England will raise council tax to try to pay for social care, however the Local Government Association (LGA) warns cutbacks in all services will continue. More money used to

UK's first LGBT majority extra care scheme set to open in Manchester

Charley Walker, News Editor , 17-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

Plans to create a community for older lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) have been announced by Manchester City Council. With more than 7,000 people in Manchester who identify as LGBT and an expected

Charity calls on crafters to break world record and raise money for Alzheimer's research

Charley Walker, News Editor , 16-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling on charitable crafters across the globe to get involved in its attempt to break a world record by knitting, crocheting and sewing snakes. Hoping to break the world record

Charity urges Government to inject 'urgent funds' into care system in Spring Budget

Sue Learner, Editor , 16-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

Age UK is calling on the Government to inject some ‘urgent funds’ into adult social care in the Spring Budget, after warning that the care system for older people is living on ‘borrowed time’. The report

'Age is no barrier to a career in care' says UK's oldest care worker

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 15-Feb-17 article from 'Features' section

The prospect of working past retirement makes some shudder at the thought but loneliness, social isolation and a desire to keep fit and healthy are among many the reasons why more older people are continuing to work well into their

Heading footballs could 'cause brain damage and trigger dementia'

Sue Learner, Editor , 15-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

Researchers have found what could be a causal link between heading a football and dementia, fuelling concerns, which have been brewing for some time, as an increasing number of high-profile retired footballers are diagnosed with dementia. Notably,

Women in their 80s have better sex lives than women in their 50s

Sue Learner, Editor , 14-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

Women in their 80s are having better sex lives than those aged between 50-79, according to a think tank which has called for more to be done to improve the sexual healthcare of older people. A new report

Charity publishes 'top ten' tips to help people make right social care choice

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 13-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

Anyone worried about how they can pick the best social care support for them or their family, can now take a look at some top tips published by the disability charity Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG). The

UK living standards stall as pensioners' income overtakes working families

Sue Learner, Editor , 13-Feb-17 article from 'News' section

The Government is being urged to address younger people’s pension rights and the fall in house ownership for the millennials, after a report found pensioners’ income has overtaken that of working families. The

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