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Police warn elderly after rise in accidents involving drivers aged over 70

Angeline Albert, 08-Dec-17 article from 'News' section

A rise in the number of road accidents involving people over the age of 70, has led Essex Police to warn elderly drivers to check they are still safe to drive. Failing eyesight and age-related conditions

Slippers for Christmas can help prevent falls in elderly

Melissa McAlees, 08-Dec-17 article from 'News' section

Doctors at a Welsh hospital are urging people to buy well-fitted slippers as gifts for Christmas to prevent their loved ones from falling. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board hope their Slippers for

Small home changes to let people visit toilet alone eases social care's woes

Angeline Albert, 07-Dec-17 article from 'Features' section

Simple improvements to people’s homes can play a larger role in relieving the pressure on social care and cutting costs by millions of pounds a year. More than 90 per cent of older people in England

Google Maps takes people with dementia on a trip down memory lane

Melissa McAlees, 06-Dec-17 article from 'Innovative Care' section

Our strongest memories are intensely tied to location. It’s no coincidence that when you think about any big memory or past event, your first thought is often “Where was I when that happened?” With the

Ninety-five-year-old bereavement counsellor retires after half a century

Melissa McAlees, 04-Dec-17 article from 'Features' section

A 95-year-old woman who spent three decades volunteering at a bereavement centre, has decided the time has finally come to retire, leaving behind a 50-year legacy of helping people. Helen Lyons, who has spent

Cancer survivor urges public to fill 10,000 home care jobs

Angeline Albert, 01-Dec-17 article from 'News' section

Not even a tumour in her brain could put off hard worker Suraya Alvi from chasing her ‘dream job’ in home care - so much so that she's become the poster girl for Home Instead Senior Care in its quest to fill 10,000 care jobs within

Beautician pampers elderly and even gives them tips on using Tinder

Angeline Albert, 30-Nov-17 article from 'Features' section

Carla Chappell pampers, primps and chats to older people who live alone at home, giving her own special brand of makeovers, waxes, beauty tips and anything else they want. This includes updates on the latest fashion or trend – as

Stephen Fry relaunches Christmas ad to raise money for dementia research

Angeline Albert, 29-Nov-17 article from 'News' section

Actor Stephen Fry is urging the public to donate money to dementia research in the hope that future generations “will only be reading about Alzheimer’s and not experiencing it”. 'Pernicious' dementia “I

App enables care workers to access vital care data instantly

Angeline Albert, 28-Nov-17 article from 'News' section

A new mobile app has been created to give home care workers access to critical information quickly to improve care for people living at home. The Staff Guide App is an in-house app that has been created by

Man charged after suspected claw hammer attack on D-Day hero

Angeline Albert, 27-Nov-17 article from 'News' section

A 39-year-old man has been charged with attempting to murder a D-Day war hero who was left with serious injuries in a suspected claw hammer attack at his home. Ninety-six-year-old Royal Navy veteran Jim Booth

Avatar therapy 'reduces frequency of schizophrenia voices'

Michaela Chirgwin, 24-Nov-17 article from 'Innovative Care' section

Experts are hopeful that an experimental new therapy using avatars could improve treatment for auditory hallucinations. Startling findings in a new study, published by the Lancet, show that the new therapy

Football and dementia: FA study to begin in the New Year

Sue Learner, 23-Nov-17 article from 'News' section

The Football Association (FA) and the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) have commissioned an evidence-based study into whether heading a football can increase your risk of getting dementia. Concerns

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