ADASS President stands down with call for Government and care sector to support Dilnot Commission

Date Published: 11 Apr 2012 @ 00:00 AM
Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Peter Hay, the outgoing President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), has used his final presidential blog to confirm his support for the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission – the Commission on the financing of elderly care that the Government are scheduled to debate and produce a White Paper on this summer.

My Hay argues against critics of Dilnot that the proposed reforms offer “freedom from fear”, defending care provision for people with assets over £23,500, saying: “This doesn’t mean you are wealthy. It merely means that like three quarters of the population you own a house.”

The blog further argues for “an approach that covers everybody” and a system that “incentivise[s] all who can to prevent costs either for themselves of the state”, referring to the Commission’s aims to establish an effective care insurance market.

Mr Hay closed his time as President with these words:

“We are persuaded that a capped system offers the most ways in which people can make their financial contribution. We think this includes savings, deferred payments, equity release, pensions and savings products.

“For all our sakes, as we age, don’t dismiss the offer of reform that is on the table now. It would set back the reform of care for an indefinite period. I cannot support that for others, and I do not want to grow old myself, fearing an unreformed system with uncertainty about how it’s paid for.”

ADASS have confirmed the election of Sarah Pickup, director of health and community services for Hertfordshire County Council, as Peter Hay’s successor.

Upon accepting the position, Ms Pickup praised the contribution of the outgoing president, saying: “Peter has done a terrific job in representing ADASS in the debate about some of the biggest social policy issues of our age. I hope to be able to carry on that work as we confront the issues that will surround the forthcoming White Paper and the Government’s response to the Dilnot challenges.”

Image: outgoing ADASS President Peter Hay


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