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Brooke branch celebrates Christmas at Mandy’s Diner


The Brooke-branch of Manorcourt Homecare, the homecare services division of residential care provider Healthcare Homes group, has this week hosted a truly warm and festive Christmas gathering at Mandy’s Diner in Brooke, Norfolk, for clients, friends and family.

Manorcourt’s support workers pooled their cars and collected 15 customers, their friends and family members, while the owner of the café baked home-made mince pies, chocolate logs and sponges to be enjoyed by everyone who attended. Support workers’ children were also welcome and many joined in after school.

“It’s so marvellous to see how people across the generations can come together and enjoy each other’s’ company,” commented Paula Pawsey, Manager of Manorcourt Homecare’s Brooke branch. “There was a brilliant, warm, festive atmosphere as Christmas music and the hubbub of chatter and laughter provided the background to bingo and board games. Gifts, which had been kindly donated by the Brooke office team, were distributed to everyone, and when it was all over, support workers drove everyone home and made sure they were settled in safely.”

Reflecting on the success of the event, Paula revealed the highlight of her day was when 94-year old Woodton-based Reg Wood attended with his support workers and proudly wearing his war medals told her; “I thought angels were only in heaven until I met my support workers from Manorcourt, and now I know they are here on Earth! Since having my stroke, the team helps me four times a day and they are wonderful. I was also pleased to win the bingo and received a prize of sweets, biscuits and mince pies, which will see me through Christmas!”

“A small but very significant reminder of why we love the job we do!” Paula concluded.

The Manorcourt Homecare team would like to extend its thanks to the owners of Mandy’s Diner who kindly offered their time and café for everyone to enjoy free of charge.

The team at Manorcourt Homecare provide a range of homecare services to the local community. The services are designed to help people who require assistance on either a regular or temporary basis, and provide flexible services to provide as little or as much support as is needed, for as long as required – this can include pop-in services through to 24-hour or live-in care.

For more information, telephone the Brooke branch on: 01508 558218

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