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New tablet used to reduce isolalation and loneliness for elderly


The demonstration of Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe) 's new tablet based communication technology last week was received with great enthusiasm. A number of clients attended who were extremely interested in the tablet for its well set out display, its ability to get you where you want to be at the touch of a screen, and its ability to improve communication with friends, family and care providers.

The event was well attended with people from charity organisations and supervisors and staff as well as clients. Caremark is following this up with the council and with private clients to see who would like to be part of the pilot scheme.

The Town Mayor of Aylesbury Cllr Allison Harrison opened the presentation and was really interested in the opportunity to improve standards of care for the elderly, those with learning disabilities and with physical and sensory limitations. This area is of particular interest to her.

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