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Home Instead Swansea helps bring gifts to older people this Christmas


Home Instead Swansea hosted the Be a Santa to a Senior (BASTAS) scheme last week. The scheme involves identifying older people in the Swansea area that would really benefit from a little extra gift and comfort at this time of year, and then asking people to drop a gift off to their station.

Christmas is traditionally a time for gathering with family and friends, but there are so many older people that will find themselves alone this Christmas. At Home Instead all the care services are completely relationship-led and focussed on providing companionship whenever they can, as they know from experience the effects that loneliness can have all year around; not just at Christmas.

Home Instead Swansea hosts the BASTAS scheme every year in partnership with local charities and businesses, and this year they were once again at Sainsbury’s in Swansea on 7 December. Santa was there and helped to put up the BASTAS Christmas tree and add the special tags that let the Sainsbury’s shoppers know what someone might like for Christmas.

There were 43 tags and names on the Christmas tree, which were all gone by the end of the day. This means that 43 older people in the Swansea area will now receive a gift on Christmas Day thanks to the generosity of the people of Swansea.

There was even some celebrity assistance when Lee Trundle popped into the store and kindly donated funds that allowed Home Instead to buy two gifts for two people on their BASTAS tree. The gifts included everything from scarves, gloves, chocolates, hats, and slippers - Home Instead are very grateful to everyone who stopped to drop off a gift.

Home Instead were lucky to work with the Red Cross, Ty Garngoch, and other charities and businesses associated with older people in the Swansea area, and they want to extend their thanks to them , as well as to Sainsbury’s for supporting their BASTAS scheme year after year.

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