Caremark receives a letter from the 'Alzheimer's Society'

group logo 17-Dec-15

Caremark receives a letter of 'thanks' from the 'Alzheimer's Society' for raising substantial funds during the ten day JOGLE event.

Due to the funds raised, Caremark have now been able to help those that are living with Dementia!

Graham Precious added 'We cannot put into words the feeling you get receiving a letter like this. This just sums up the reason to why all the blood, sweat and tears was worthwhile, during our 10 day journey.'

'It is such a warm feeling knowing that the huge funds raised means other people out there are now able to LIVE with Dementia and families have been able to get the support they need too.'

Once again, well done to the JOGLE riders – Graham Precious, Charles Folkes, Joe Daly, Ravi Patel and Mark McKenning for making this happen!

click here for more details or to contact Caremark (East Riding)