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Webroster Bee app for iPhones


Bee v1.0.1 for iPhones is now available from the Apple App Store for iPhone 5 and above, running iOS 8 and higher. Bee is an innovative smartphone app for mobile working and electronic monitoring. Using the Bee app for iPhones field staff no longer need to carry around reams of paperwork, all the information they need for each visit and client is quickly and easily available on their phone.Webroster Bee app for iPhones

Webroster Bee app for iPhone

The Bee app for iPhones allows field based staff to view schedules and client information, check in and out of bookings, log aborted visits and create unplanned visits. All the information is fed back into the system in real time giving managers an immediate view of staff progress throughout the day.

The app also has an SOS button feature to enhance lone worker safety. By using the SOS button staff can alert administrators to situations where their safety or well-being may be compromised. Pressing the button calls a mobile or landline or sends an email to pre-defined contacts.

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