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Go to the loo to improve heath and hygiene


Latest figures reveal that at least 6.5million people in the UK have some form of bowel control problem. Some 14million people have a bladder problem. For many, the issues this raises daily could be alleviated, simply by changing the toilet…

A wash & dry toilet - such as the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita - looks like a conventional WC, and has integrated douching and drying built into the unit.

“Are you cleaner showering, or just wiping yourself over with a towel?” asks Clos-o-Mat Sales Director Mark Sadler. “Apply that to your bottom, especially if you have continence issues. We British don’t have serious conversations about toilet matters, but with such a high prevalence of bladder and bowel issues, maybe we need to, and to take steps to make life better for sufferers."

“Incontinence raises issues of skin health, cleanliness and odours; whilst a wash & dry toilet doesn’t stop incidents, it does ensure the user is properly cleaned, to a consistently high level, afterwards, with less effort and mess. So it has a positive impact on personal hygiene.”

Users support the theory. Dr Kenneth Townend PhD, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, had a Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita installed to help him undertake personal hygiene in comfort when he developed diverticulitis.

“The diverticulitis means my bowels move only every 5 -10 days, which makes passing motions difficult and sore. I bleed. I often get infections. With the Clos-o-Mat, I just press the button and off we go! I get far less sore bums, which I used to get all the time even though I used the softest toilet paper or even wipes. And I am confident that I am clean, which didn’t happen before,” he explains.

Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita is the brand-leading wash & dry toilet, because of its ease of use, and adaptability.

After toileting, the user remains seated and pushes the flush mechanism; simultaneous flushing and warm water douching is followed by warm air drying. A range of accessories, from touch-free operating mechanisms to bariatric support systems, ensures the unit can, uniquely, be tailored to individual requirements.

Clos-o-Mat introduced its first automatic/ wash and dry shower toilet to the UK 50 years ago; in excess of 40,000 of the toilets have since been sold - some of which are still in daily use 30+ years after first being installed. The family-owned company is unique in offering, in-house, comprehensive design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance, giving users complete peace of mind.

The range of Clos-o-Mat products is detailed on the company’s website, so users and their Occupational Therapists can easily see the solutions, watch a video on how the unit works, and find out how other users have benefitted.