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Pay care workers the London Living Wage


Next month the National Living Wage becomes legal yet the London Living Wage remains a voluntary rate for employers.

Nationally, this means that from April 2016 all employers must pay a minimum of £7.20 per hour to employees over 25. Any employees under 25 can still legally be paid the National Minimum Wage.

The Living Wage for London is £9.40 as this is seen as a minimum hourly rate to be able to pay rent, eat and have any sort of standard of living in London. However, no law is being passed to make employers pay this rate; it is at the discretion of each employer, something that we feel is unfair.

Right at Home Central London is a strong advocate for the London Living Wage. They pay all employees above this rate, even the under 25 year olds, yet charge in-line with other home care providers in the area.

Their service is based on providing the highest quality care and they feel that their support workers will be best able to provide that level of service if they have a decent quality of life themselves.

The purpose of their care team is to support clients and their families when they need it the most. They help vulnerable people maintain their independence and quality of life, really making a positive difference. Failing to give a fair wage to the people who provide such a worthwhile service does not seem right and could well lead to a shortage of people willing to undertake such roles.

Right at Home Central London has a very strong team of support staff and many of them having young children and families to support, including the under 25 year olds. They encourage all home care providers in Central London to join them in paying all care workers a fair living wage for London.

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