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Importance of later life financial planning


Comments below from Bryan McMorrine, Managing Director at Right at Home Central London:

"Before starting Right at Home Central London, I worked in the investment management industry. Our marketing strategies promoted the need for sound financial planning, something that seems to be more prominent in the media than ever with next year’s introduction of compulsory workplace pensions.

"The mistake that many people make is to think that financial planning is simply to plan for a certain event such as retirement or paying for their children to go to university, but sound financial planning needs be continuous throughout our lives. For example, in later life we may need to review our investments to allow for inheritance tax liabilities or fund our care requirements.

"I am an Affiliate Member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). This is a non-profit organisation that aims to ensure consumers are better informed about financial issues in later life and can find an Accredited Adviser to suit their needs.

"Right at Home Central London would never get involved in a client’s financial matters or consider giving advice, but being a SOLLA Affiliate Member means I can build relationships with local Accredited Advisers across Central London. It can often give elderly clients more confidence to seek professional financial advice if I can say I’ve met their local adviser.

"To find your SOLLA Accredited Adviser simply visit the following website and enter your postcode –

"Thanks for reading."

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