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Jeanette says goodbye to care, or does she?


A woman is retiring after 30 years working in the care industry, with her bosses saying they wish they could ‘clone’ her.

But Jeanette Mason’s retirement may be short-lived as she is hoping to return to work in a voluntary capacity.

Jeanette has worked in a number of care settings during her career and for the last three years has been employed by homecare company Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland).

The 63-year-old says she will be putting her feet up for a little while but expects to get bored easily and hopes to return to do voluntary work with Caremark.

Jeanette said: “Being a carer is not a nine to five job so I am used to getting up early and returning late, and always being busy.

“I have loved being a carer so if I could use what I have learned in a voluntary capacity to help others that would be great.”

Jeanette was presented with flowers and a pendant to mark her retirement.

Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) Care Manager Michelle Tart said: “Jeanette is the first person to retire from Caremark and she will be missed by her clients and colleagues.

“She is such a hard worker and if we were able to clone her that would be fantastic because she is the ideal carer.

“We would love to welcome her back in a voluntary capacity in the future.”

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