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Homecare Key to Improving NHS Discharge Delays


Last week the United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) reported that twice the number of older people that previously thought might be left waiting in hospital despite being ready for discharge.

With such a widely publicised shortage of beds in NHS hospitals, it is clear that something needs to be done to reduce the number of people staying in hospital that could easily be cared for at home. Delays in discharging older people have been shown to significantly affect their wellbeing and the UKHCA is calling for ‘radical action’ to prevent further patient deterioration and additional financial strain on the NHS.

UKHCA see homecare as key to improving NHS discharge delays. Too many times we hear stories of older people ‘blocking beds’ in NHS hospital simply because care is not available for them when they return home so its clear that action is needed.

Choosing a high quality home care specialist, such as Right at Home Central London, means that people can leave hospital as soon as they are ready. We offer a ‘hospital to home’ service specifically for such cases. This is not just for elderly clients but anyone needing some additional support when adjusting to being home after an operation or prolonged hospital stay.

Homecare provided by local authorities is underfunded and this causes more delays for the NHS. UKHCA’s Policy Director, Colin Angel, recently commented, “a properly resourced homecare sector could reduce unnecessary stays in hospital by up to 314,000 bed days a year - a saving of over £95 million for the NHS”. UKHCA also commented that local authorities should make much better use of relationships with independent homecare providers.

Right at Home (Central London) are a private homecare provider but this does not mean that they are only here to assist the wealthy. As a result of a Government initiative to give individuals greater choice, anyone having homecare funded by their local authority is now able to take control of their own budgets and top-up the hourly cost of receiving care from an agency of their choosing. This route is called Direct Payments.

By choosing Right at Home Central London for their care, their clients also benefit from: • Minimum one hour visits - they don't feel quality can be delivered in less time • No stranger policy - introduce all support workers before any care is delivered • Match clients and support workers carefully - based on mutual interests with clients having final say of who they want to use • Consistency of support worker - clients can build a relationship so look forward to the time with their staff • Punctuality - their support workers clock in and out using an app and unique client barcode which is carefully monitored from the office • Discrete service with no uniforms - keep the clients feeling more socially inclusive • Online portal - easy to monitor visit times, care plan feedback and invoices • Market-leading comprehensive training, mentoring and development for all staff

Right at Home (Central London) is here to support anyone needing homecare and please feel free to call their office if you feel they can be of any assistance.

They welcome any calls from social services, local authorities or the NHS if they can help reduce hospital discharge rates.

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