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Where to get help and support if you are caring for someone with dementia


It’s only natural to worry about your loved ones who may be living with dementia, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. The NHS, voluntary organisations, support groups and online are all great resources that provide advice and support. If you are concerned that a loved one may have dementia, it is important to encourage them to go and visit their GP, who will be able to advice you and help you to seek a diagnosis.

To help in the right direction, Home Instead have put together a list of some useful agencies and organisations that can provide you with support and guidance.

Alzheimer’s Society: Talking Point: Alzheimer's Society's online discussion forum for anyone affected by dementia.

Age UK

Dementia UK

Admiral Nurse Services


Dementia Carer

Carers Trust

Dementia Friend

If you still have any concerns that cannot be answered using any of the above, then please get in touch with your local GP.

Remember, you are not alone; there is help for anyone who needs support.

Home Instead welcome any suggestions for future topics from you all.

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