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ETAT Meets The Lord Mayor of Westminster


Right at Home Central London's favourite local charity, Encouragement Through the Arts and Talking (ETAT), was invited last week to meet Lord Mayor of Westminster, Steve Summers, at Westminster City Hall.

As Right at Home Central London is a keen supporter of ETAT, they were also privileged to join them.

London has two Lord Mayors: Lord Mayor of Westminster and Lord Mayor of the City of London. Each covers civic duties in their own areas of London but are independent of any political party.

If there is an official service in Westminster Abbey and The Queen is attending then The Lord Mayor of Westminster must arrive exactly two minutes before Her Majesty and the entire congregation, including the Prime Minister who must arrive before him, must stand as he enters the Abbey.

Steve Summers told some lovely stories of attending Buckingham Palace and meeting royalty. He has known ETAT’s Encouragement and Well Being Co-Co-ordinator, Jane Buttigieg for a number of years so was extremely welcoming to the whole ETAT gang.

They were all taken on a tour of the City of Westminster’s Plate Room in the vault on 18th floor. This contains the municipal treasures of the City of Westminster, including those from the three predecessor authorities – of Paddington, Marylebone and the old Westminster City. It was a vast and incredible collection of artefacts.

Right at Home Central London is a keen supporter of ETAT and it was a really great afternoon for them to be able to accompany the charity on such a unique experience.

ETAT is a fantastic local charity that aims to relieve isolation and stimulate new ideas through participation in the arts. It has a wide range of ages that attend the twice-weekly sessions from aged 30 to 90+, some of who have physical or mental health issues, including dementia. There are no restrictions on age or disability so anyone locally that feels isolated or lonely can participate.

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