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A day in the life


"I start my day by getting up at 6am, go down stairs and make a cup of tea to start the day

"I make the children’s packed lunches, go upstairs and have a shower. Then it’s time to wake up the children, get them and myself dressed and ready for the day.

"I drop my daughter off at her grandma’s then it’s on to my first call.

"Today my first call is a double up as the client has a hoist. One of us does the personal care and the other prepares breakfast, does the dishes and also prepares lunch and gets the medication ready.

"After making sure that the client is safe and well and that she is wearing her “fall alarm” we leave the house and on to the next call.

"My next client has a key safe so I can let myself in and he does not need to get up to answer the door. He is sitting in the lounge drinking tea. After his breakfast, when he is ready, I help him to the bathroom, give assistance to undress and shower. I then apply his creams and help him to get dressed- making sure that he has his falls alarm too.

"He goes to the kitchen to take his medication and he offers me a drink. We sit in the lounge and have a nice little chat about the day while I complete my write up. It’s time to go now so I make sure that he is safe and well and it’s on to the next call.

"Another key safe, this time I ring the doorbell and call “hello” to announce my presence and avoid any alarm. The lady I am visiting is in the lounge and we have a lovely chat while I help her to get washed and dressed. I apply her cream and eye drops. We then go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and a cup of tea.

"While she eats her breakfast, I empty the rubbish and wash the dishes. On leaving, I make sure that she has her falls alarm and is safe and well.

"My next client may still be in bed as there’s no answer when I knock on the door. She has a key safe too so I let myself in. She is awake, I make sure that she has her hearing aid in and switched on! I make her a cup of tea and some breakfast, also a glass of water so that she can take her medication. I have to witness her taking her medication and log it on the medication form and communication log.

"I wash the dishes, prepare some lunch which I cover and leave in the fridge for her. We then sit down and have a chat. She declines any assistance with personal care. I make sure that she is safe and well before leaving.

"I’m due a short break now so I’ll drive somewhere and park up for a bit and maybe grab something to eat.

"Then it’s on to my next call.

"Another key safe, I let myself in and say “hello”. I check the communication log to see what has happened since I last visited (something I do on each of my calls). I ask my client what she would like for lunch and prepare it for her along with a cup of tea. I then administer her medication and log it in the medical log form. If I have any concerns, I inform the office immediately and log it all down.

"I leave her safe and well and on to my final call.

"My last call today is an hour cleaning call. I let myself in and shout “hello” to let him know I’m here. We usually have a little chat about our week. I then do my cleaning duties and make sure that his mobile phone is charged up and that he has it in his pocket (it has an emergency button on it). We then sit for a while and have a chat.

"Next it’s time for me to pick up my daughter from school. We go home and do her homework together and read. Then it’s time for a tidy round the house and start the tea.

"My son will be home soon and my next job is to be a referee between my children.

"We have our tea together, I do the dishes then it’s time to get the children bathed and in bed.

"The husband’s due home any minute now, his tea is ready and I have a shower while he eats.

"Now I can sit down for a bit and I might even have a small glass of wine before setting the alarm for 6am and going to bed."

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