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Is home care the right option for me?


There are many types of home care services available and they all provide support to an individual assisting them to remain independent in their own home.

The support may be needed due to an illness or disability, during recovery after leaving hospital, for help with daily tasks, or quite simply for companionship.

The main benefit for an individual using a home care service is that they will be able to remain in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home. Their routine will not be disrupted greatly, and they will be able to maintain contact with their neighbours and friends.

As home care is so flexible, if a person’s needs change so can the support package that is offered. It may be that less support is needed over time, or alternatively more is wanted.

Generally, friends and family will be the main carer in someone’s life. Home care does not have to take this role away, but will instead offer additional support and respite for the carer.

Caremark Havering provides a wide range of services and will tailor a package that suits an individual’s needs and budget. Their clients range from children and young people to the elderly, with a range of needs including learning and physical disabilities.

They do not exclude anyone and will provide full training for all of their care workers, ensuring they are confident in supporting someone’s needs.

At Caremark Havering they are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, starting from a 30-minute visit to options for overnight stays and live-in care.