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Congratulations to Amy and Georgia!


The care team at the Lincolnshire North office has promoted two of its team members.

Amy Pickering, previously the Lead Care Coordinator, started with Clarriots in October 2014 and has now moved into the Assistant Care Manager position. Georgia Biggin began her career with Clarriots as an Administrative Apprentice in March 2014 and has now become an Administrative Coordinator.

Registered Manager, Kirsty Barnes, couldn’t be more proud of her team. She said: “Amy is very diligent and a thorough worker, she is able to build strong relationships with service users, their families and also our team members. Amy is happy to go above and beyond the call of duty when needed.”

Speaking about Georgia, Kirsty said: “She is very methodical in the way that she works, she is extremely organised and always ready to help out other team members as and when needed. Georgia is very keen and is always eager to learn new skills. She picks up new skills very quickly and since starting in March 2014 her confidence has grown greatly.”

The new roles will see Amy working closer to Kirsty to ensure continual compliance with the regulatory body, Care Quality Commission and taking responsibility for managing their team of care coordinators. Other responsibilities include managing an emergency on-call rota for team members, ensuring that all care visits are fully staffed, making sure paper work is correct and in place for all team members prior to commencement of work and the same with service users prior to service delivery.

Georgia’s new role sees her take responsibility for customer services, managing staffing and client files to ensure that updates are completed, safe storage of all electronic documents and the continual review of the software system that they use to ensure that everything is up to date. She will also be working with the team of coordinators to cover shifts, allocate work to the team of carers and complete over the phone quality monitoring checks.

Kirsty also said: “I am hoping that Amy will take part and complete her level 5 diploma in leadership and management and now that Georgia has successfully completed her diploma level 2 in Business Administration I would like to see her move on to complete a qualification within Health & Social Care. We are looking for continual but steady growth of the office over the coming years and I would like all team members to grow not only professionally by completing additional training and qualifications but also to grow personally.”

They wish Amy and Georgia the very best as they continue to progress in their career with Clarriots Care. At Clarriots, they know that helping staff to be the best that they can be means they’ll deliver the highest quality care.

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