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Lucy Braves the Shave!


Lucy Hunter, part of the Clarriots Care administration team, is taking courage to a whole new level as she prepares to ‘Brave the Shave’ for Macmillan Cancer Support in September.

The ‘Brave the Shave’ campaign is run by Macmillan Cancer Support to raise money to help those affected by cancer. It involves people volunteering to get their hair cut very short, or cut off completely, in order to at least partially replicate the experience a cancer patient goes through when they experience hair loss during treatment. Friends, family and other generous people sponsor them money which all gets sent to Macmillan for them to put towards buying equipment and support services for cancer patients.

Lucy will be shaving her hair to a number one cut – all of her hair will be collected and donated to the Little Princess Trust, a charity which fashions wigs for children who have cancer.

Speaking about the reason for doing such an incredible thing, Lucy said: “I often have contact with the Macmillan nurses who make such a difference to people’s lives whist they are dealing with cancer. I want to help to raise some money so the charity and nurses can continue their good work hopefully for many years to come.”

Everyone at Clarriots Care would like to wish Lucy good luck as she Braves the Shave!

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