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Why should you consider a career in social care?


There are currently just under 1.5 million people working in the social care sector in the UK and the number of people needed to sustain the growing population of older and disabled people is only going to increase.

Caremark is always on the look out for excellent care staff to join its growing team but if you haven’t worked in care before, why should you choose a career in social care?

To be an excellent care worker you need to be dedicated, kind, flexible and you need to possess a whole host of other skills that you can pull out of your hat in order to assist the people you have been charged with caring for. For example, in a single day you could be collecting a pension and some shopping before cooking lunch for a couple in their 80s who love to play board games. After you’ve had a tidy round and ensured they’ve taken their medication for the day, you’re Mrs Peacock in an afternoon game of Cluedo!

Your next call is to Mr Jockey, a recently widowed man in his 70’s with no family close by. You clean his bathroom, kitchen and have a quick hoover around before making a sandwich for him to eat whilst watching the snooker later on. But what Mr Jockey really wants is a bit of company as you’re the only person he’ll see for a few days, so you both sit with a cup of tea and chat about the news, the snooker and your day and you leave him feeling a little brighter than when you arrived.

Your last call of the day is to Alison, a lady in her 70s with dementia. Alison’s husband John is on hand to help and he’s grateful to see a friendly face. You help Alison to have a shower and then brush her hair, which she doesn’t want to be brushed but you managed to gently convince her before helping her to get dressed and prompting her to take her medication. You make sure that John has had time to make himself something to eat and settle Alison in her chair for the evening.

On an average day, you’ll be many things; a cook, a cleaner, a counselor, a mathematician and on this day in particular, you were guilty of a murder, in the drawing room with a candlestick! But mostly, you’ve been a friend and a companion to people when they’ve needed it the most.

Working in care is arguably one of the most rewarding and varied jobs in the world. The hours can often be tailored around your life and the wages are competitive.