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A Clarriots Special Kind of Day


13 November marks the annual and official celebration of World Kindness Day. Kind by nature, Clarriots Care (Lincolnshire North) invited all of their carers to the head office last Friday for a special surprise.

First celebrated back in 1998, World Kindness Day is a special day observed by countries all around the world to recognise and honour acts of generosity. By acknowledging and encouraging good deeds, it is hoped that more and more people can be inspired to be kind to one another.

As a company that cares, Clarriots wanted to make the day memorable for their team of carers, who have dedicated their lives to being kind and making a real difference to the life of so many vulnerable people. They also hoped to inspire other members of the community to be kind where they can.

On Friday, Clarriots Care (Lincolnshire North) invited all of their carers to the head office, for what was supposedly a simple lunch break. However, there were smiles all round when all of a sudden bouquets of flowers were brought into the room, one for each of the carers in attendance! With an appearance from the lovable Carey, the official mascot of Clarriots Care, everyone had a lovely time catching up with each other. With tea, cake and the sharing of stories, it was definitely a day to remember.

Talking to Clarriots Carer Vanessa Kemp over a cuppa, she described her day: “It’s been a lovely day, I’m very impressed as I don’t think many care agencies would do this. There’s such a great team here, everyone is very friendly and very welcoming.”

Clarriots Care Managing Director James Carratt later had some heartwarming words for the carers: “The amazing thing about people like you is that the job is never too difficult and never too much to ask, your ability to constantly put the needs of others before your own is truly remarkable and I want to personally thank you for everything you do.”

As an extra special gesture, James then made a surprise announcement that all Clarriots staff from carers to office staff across every single Clarriots office will receive an additional day off in 2017.

As Clarriots have shown, it doesn’t take a lot to be kind. Why not do something nice for someone – you never know, you might just make their day.

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