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There’s no place like home!


Having to organise care plans for a loved one can often be an extremely difficult and stressful period in your life.

Contrary to average conception about growing old and going into a care home, it’s worth considering other options that are usually better suited to the individual anyway.

Possibly the biggest and best advantage of home care, is it allows the person to age in the place they know best: home. Their home that is keeper to a lifetime of memories and possessions. Making the dreaded move into an institution is not always necessary and can be avoided.

The most comfortable environment for anyone to life is their own home. After all, there’s no place like home and there are many care options available to allow you to do this, including specialist services that can be tailored to the person’s needs. In-home care gives families the confidence and peace of mind knowing their ageing loved ones are comfortable at home and receiving professional, compassionate, and personalised care.

In general, receiving home care can help reduce the chance of being admitted to hospital, and research shows that individuals who are recuperating from illness, injury, or surgery recover quicker when resting at home and not a care institution.

When a loved one is ageing and has an acute or chronic illness, it’s critical that they receive the right nutrition, medication, rest, and person-centred care. For many people, home carers can help loved ones maintain their level of wellness for a longer period. Research has shown that care at home can help improve client’s quality of life, enhancing everyday actions such as the ability to walk or move around, get in and out of bed and even bathing.

Depending on the level of care needed, home care probably isn’t as expensive as one might think and funding is available to help with some of the costs. The friendly Clarriots Care team is happy to talk through and advise people on any of their care services from personal and domestic care to full live-in care and dementia care.

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