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Tips to Reduce Stress


Stress can affect a number of people in different ways. If you are stressed not only does it affect you but also those around you as well. Whether the stress is work related or personal the first way to help remove the stress is to pin point exactly what that stress is. Here are some stress busting tips to help you de-stress:

Be active – This will not make stress disappear but it will reduce some of the emotional intensity that you’re feeling, clearing your thoughts and letting you to deal with your problems more calmly

Take control – When there is a problem take control of the situation. It is empowering and crucial to finding a solution.

Connect with people – Having a good network of friends, family and colleagues can help you to ease your troubles and see things in the way others see them, which could be beneficial.

Have some me time – Do something that you really enjoy for yourself. This helps to reduce stress as well as give you time to relax.

Challenge yourself – Set yourself goals, whether inside or outside work, this can help you build up your confidence and help you deal with stress more effectively.

Avoid unhealthy habits – Don’t rely on things like alcohol, smoking and caffeine as a way of coping with stress. These will not solve the problem at all and you need to tackle the cause of the problem to relieve the stress.

Help other people – By helping other people that are often in situations that are worse than yours can help put your problem in perspective.

Work smarter and not harder – This is by prioritising your work and concentrating on the tasks that you need to complete first.

Try to be positive – Always look for the positives in the situation and the things that you are grateful for. Give it a go trying to write down 3 things that went well or you are grateful for that day.

Accepting the things you cannot change –Try to concentrate on the things that you can control rather than focus on the things that you cannot.

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