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Race for Life - 3rd June 2017


Cancer is something that touches most of us at one time or another. It is hard to put into words the devastating effect the disease has on peoples’ lives. I am one of the lucky ones. When the Oncologist told me that I had stage three, grade four breast cancer, he was clear that he was not sure if I would make it. “You are so young to be this ill” he told me, as he sadly stared at the shadows on my lung, lymph and breast scans. His words were drowned out by the images on the faces of my two children. As a single mum with a two year old and a six year old, being “so ill” was not an option for me. Seven years later, I feel so lucky and so blessed to be standing on Windsor Racecourse, warming up for Race for Life with many members of our amazing Home Instead Team. The beautiful sun was shining down on us as we warmed up together. There were 1,600 wonderful women standing side by side in our race to beat Cancer. Around us there were so many poignant pictures and eulogies pinned to the backs of women and children of people’s nearest and dearest who didn’t make it in their fight against cancer. I found myself crying silently, as I was madly running on the spot to warm up. Just to my right there was a young girl, maybe 8 or 9 years of age: “ I am racing for myself” her t-shirt said. Looking up there was the most wonderful white cross dominating the sky. It was just the smoke of two planes crossing, but the huge white cross in the sky seemed to be speaking to me. I felt so very proud and honoured to race with my team. They are such wonderful people who work tirelessly to support our clients, often in difficult circumstances. Yet despite the many hours that they work, they are all delighted to give up their Saturday to race together, to raise money for Cancer Research and to stand as one. Cancer we are coming to get you!

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