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Carers going that extra Mile


Congratulations to Jill and Ross who both went that extra mile for the clients.

Ross has started taking one of our clients put for a weekly jaunt in her wheelchair so she can enjoy the sun and socialise. Care Wyvern is very proud of its Person Centred Approach to Care and support.

Ross is showing how important and easy it is to access Person Centre Care when working with clients of different capabilities. By taking a few moment to ask a few questions and to give a few choices, our clients life has been enhanced with a simple stroll through her home town. Of course we carry out a rigorous Risk Assessment beforehand but even that doesn't stop us achieving our clients goals, we simply adapt where necessary.

Jill was out shopping with a client and impressed a member of the public so much, that they have booked care for their mother with us. Jill is such a valued ambassador for Care Wyvern., She always takes an opportunity to provide the best support possible, whether shes in her clients home or out and about with them. Her approach has been noticed several times by her peers as well as the management team so its a wonderful feeling to see her efforts noticed by a member of the public.

Well done guys, your both a real asset to Care Wyvern. Keep up the good work!

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