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Elderly Activities!


Our loved one’s need to be physically, mentally and socially stimulated. This is to maintain their health and wellbeing and to also avoid feelings of depression or isolation. As time goes on they may lose some of their mobility or mental capacity however, a lot of games and activities can be great to stretch those ‘mental muscles’ and also be adapted to their physical needs.

Maths problems - are a great way to keep our brains working well. The elderly population have a wonderful capacity for mental arithmetic. When in school, they didn’t have calculators so would work everything out in their minds or write them down. Long multiplication is a great way to tease and stretch your mind. You can find some maths sheets online that you can print and play with. This will be great for your brains too!

Tiddly winks – After a little research it seems this is still a fairly popular game as you can still purchase it online. This is a great game for indoors which helps with concentration and dexterity. Also a really great way to bond with your loved ones.

Marbles – an absolute classic. Helping improve dexterity, this can be played on a table so you are not sitting on the floor.

Assorted card games – Whether your loved ones like patience, rummy, cribbage. Five card draw, all of these games are a great workout for your brain and can also work well for improving dexterity.

Knitting/crochet – This can be adapted quite well for those that have poor dexterity. You can but aids for the needles so they are not having to tightly hold the needles and larger handles for the crochet hooks make it much easier to use. If you enjoy crafting, why not join in?

Other game and activity ideas include:

- Large print crosswords, word searches or Sudoku - Name that song. Do they have a favourite era? Find some songs and guess what they are! - Singing - Baking - Indoor gardening – planting herbs or salads that can be tended to inside on a windowsill. - Card making or scrapbooking - Pamper days – Having a play with face masks and nail polish is a great way to bond too - Bean bag in a bucket – this is a simple yet really fun game. All you need is a couple of small bean bags and a bucket to throw them into. Make the target longer and a little healthy competition - Flower arranging - General knowledge quizzes - Bingo - Drawing or colouring – this can also be adapted with pen grips or larger pens

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