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Promedica24’s live-in care service keeps elderly couple together


An elderly couple who have recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary are enjoying married life in the comfort of their own home, thanks to their live-in care.

Promedica24 accommodates the needs of Jack and Franziska Mower from Hersham, Surrey, by providing them with quality live-in care. The live-in care services enables them to remain content and settled in the comfort of their own home and also gives them independence and freedom to make choices on their every day activities.

The couple, who are both in their nineties, first met after World War II in Vienna whilst Jack was serving as an airman. It was love at first sight and the pair have been inseparable since, having recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with a letter from The Queen.

Whilst Franzi does not need personal care, she seeks support with household chores and would not be able to provide the more complex care that Jack requires with mobility and feeding.

For two years the couple have been supported by their two carers at Promedica24. Jack and Franzi enjoy their life and home together along with their two dogs and a pet tortoise.

Jack commented: “We appreciate the quiet time and privacy that our carers are able to give us, whilst being on hand around the clock to attend to any of our needs.

“It is tremendous that our carers are here for immediate support.”

Tibor Disnoki, regional partner at Promedica24, commented: “We hear a lot of sad stories in the news detailing how elderly married couples have had to be separated to go into care homes and the change can have a devastating effect on not only their short term health, but also their lifespan.

“In most situations we are able to ensure that couples stay together and enjoy their elderly life at home. Our live-in care service enables them to receive the professional and dignified care that they need to live life to the full.”

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with receiving care in a familiar environment, live-in care provides an attractive and affordable alternative to residential care.

Promedica24’s personally trained carers are handpicked to meet the needs and personality of each customer and help to put the power back into their hands.

For more information about live-in care services in the North Surrey area, call Tibor Dusnoki on 01784 818189 or 07435 859088 or visit

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