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How We Are Different


A couple of weeks ago we ran an article about Right at Home Sefton which focused on how this forward-thinking company were approaching recruitment and how they are going to change the way staff are often treated in the industry.

This week we wanted to talk about how the company approaches home care and what makes them different to many of the other companies that operate in the sector. One of the biggest complaints from Carers is that in previous roles with other care companies they have been under significant pressure to get from one call to another.

Calls are often back to back with little or no travel time for the Carer to get to the next appointment. Carers want to have the time to deliver the very best care they can, but this can be difficult due to these time constraints, Right at Home Sefton ensure they travel in our time rather than the clients.

Right at Home Sefton are committed to giving their staff enough time to deliver the high standard of care they pride themselves on.

Registered Manager Shirley Wright explains the company’s approach ‘We generally want our client visits to be at least one hour long, this gives us time to not only deliver the standard of care we want to, but to also really get to know our client. We want to know what a person likes, what they dislike, what they are interested in and have time to build a relationship. It is almost impossible to do that if you are only with a person for 15 or 30 minutes per visit, before rushing off to get to the next call!’.

Shirley continues, ‘We work a lot with people living with Dementia, we specialise in this area and will continue to do so. Dementia will affect over 1 million people by 2020 and as such we need to continue to improve our knowledge and methods of helping people live more comfortably with the condition. We at Right at Home Sefton are passionate about being a real source of support for people living with Dementia and by that we mean both the individuals with the condition and their closest family and friends, nobody should feel there is a lack of support in this day and age. We extend this offer to those that aren’t actual clients of ours too, we are Dementia Champions in association with the Alzheimer’s Society and with that comes our commitment to be there for people whether they are a client of ours or not, this is about how we can help the community as a whole.’

Right at Home are also keen to match the right Care Giver to the client, introducing the Care Giver before the care package starts, allowing the client to meet the person who is going to be delivering their care in their own home. This allows the client to decide whether they are happy with the Care Giver, this is vitally important as everyone is different and the company want to give the client the right to choose who is coming in to deliver their care, again, familiarity is crucial when caring for somebody living with Dementia.

The Directors James Levine and Jonathan Beckett also insist that their clients feel the personal touch. ‘When a client starts with us, there is obviously a lot of contact with our Registered Manager and the care staff, but as Directors we want to know every client in person, meeting every one of our clients within 6 weeks of agreeing to take our services, we don’t just want to rely on what it says in a person’s file.’

If you would like more information regarding care in the home for yourself or a loved one, please feel free to visit our website or better still call our friendly office team. Right at Home Sefton offer a full range of services from companionship, shopping trips and meal preparation to complex care and specialist Dementia support.

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