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Home Safety Tips for Loved Ones and Seniors


Home safety checklists are obligatory to Home Instead, where checks of households are performed to ensure the safety, security, and protection of our clients. To prevent jeopardisation in a senior's home, Home Instead Senior Care Ealing has come up with some tips for their senior's family and themselves who wish to make any necessary transitions easier. Below are support methods to help minimise risks for loved ones.

General Facilities Area and items to be checked include general facilities of your home, such as: Smoke detectors - Are they working properly? Medicine storage - Is it placed at ease of reach? Is it safe? Keys to windows and doors - Are they accessible and near in sight? Doorbell -Is the doorbell working? Is it able to be heard throughout the house? Gas, electric, and water cut off points - Are they well maintained and working?

Entrance The entrance of the home is one of the most important checks that should be done. The entrance will need to be assessed. You should ask yourself these questions: Indoor and outdoor entry - is it safe and well lit? Step to door - Are the steps safe? Are any nearby railings secure? Locks - Are the locks on the door in working order? Living Area and Bedroom

The living area is a time spent bonding with family, reading the paper, or watching television.Your bedroom is your most intimate and personal space that represents your identity. Below are pointers to keep it as a safe environment for your loved ones: Doorways - Are the doorways accessible and is the entrance uncluttered? Rugs - Are rugs non slip? Is the flooring considered safe? Lighting - Is the light sufficient enough for use? Have light bulbs been replaced and are up to date? Electric cords and wires - Are the wires tucked in to prevent any trips or accidents? Are they secured and appear safe?

Kitchen Kitchen counter tops, tables, and surrounding areas should be kept neat and clean. Items that are used regularly should be in eye level width of reach: Appliances - Are appliances functional and in good working order? Is there condition good enough to use? Sink and tap - Are taps working? Is there both hot and cold water available? Dishes, pots, and cutlery - Is tableware and cutlery stored efficiently? Are they in reachable positions and stored hygenically? Are kitchen facilities, like the oven/hob/cooker in working order? Does the refrigerator keep food chilled and/or frozen?

Bathroom Bathrooms should be in good working condition and presented hygenically for use. Things to look out for in the bathroom include: Shower/Bath - Is there a non slip mat present to avoid accidents? Is the bath in good condition? Toilet - Is it functional for others to use? Flooring condition - Is the flooring condition of the bathroom adequate? Are tiles non-slip? Is there a bath mat present?

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