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Caremark Thanet's Quiz Night in Aid of East Kent Hospital's Dementia Appeal


1966 and All That In the early evening sunlight on Saturday 30th July 1966 a young man by the name of Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore raised the Jules Rimet trophy above his head as he was raised aloft by his team mates. In English sport, the image is iconic; the moment immortlised; the performance unparalleled. How achingly sad it is to know that three of those players surrounding Bobby Moore are today living with dementia.

Something like this also concentrates the mind on the human condition. Our bodies are frail and feeble in the face of attacks from countless ailments. Science has made great progress in preventative and curative medicine, but none of us is indestructible.

Dementia Dementia touches the lives of many of us. It is estimated that in Thanet there are over 2000 dementia patients and this figure will rise to approximately 3000 in 2026. In Kent, the figures are over 22 000 current patients rising to over 30 000 in 2026.

Dementia is not itself a disease. It is an umbrella term that refers to symptoms caused by a number of illnesses, of which Alzheimer's disease is, perhaps, the most widely known. There are probably, however, a hundred or more illnesses that can cause dementia. Our Knowledge of dementia is still quite elementary. There is no cure; though there are treatments that can help.

Caremark Thanet's Charity Quiz Night On Friday 8th December, Caremark Thanet will be teaming up with Bernie's Chocolate Bar for a charity quiz night in aid of East Kent Hospital's Dementia Appeal. In June this year, we held a charity comedy night for the same appeal and raised £1200. The evening will start at 7.30 - entry is just £5 on the door - and in addition to the quiz there will be a raffle.

We hope that you will be able to come along and support this most worthwhile of causes. If you can't make it but would like to donate just call us on the number below.

You can be almost certain that one of the questions will not be: who won the world cup in 1966!

Garry Costain is the Managing Director of Caremark Thanet, a domiciliary care provider with offices in Margate, Kent. Caremark Thanet provides home care services throughout the Isle of Thanet. Garry can be contacted on 01843 235910 or email You can also visit Caremark Thanet's website at

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