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New live-in care service aims to bring peace of mind to families


Witnessing elderly people struggle to get by at home has driven a former Environmental Health sector employee to set up a service offering live-in care to the community.

Harrow based Juhaina Junaid took the decision to launch Promedica24’s North West London service after discovering the difficulty that seniors face when it comes to finding appropriate care within the home.

Juhaina, commented: “During my time as an Environmental Health officer, I saw many elderly people struggling to do basic things such as cooking and keeping up basic hygiene. Watching them spend day after day on their own was truly heart breaking, especially if they were living with mental health conditions.

“My father’s own health deteriorated following a fall and I know personally of the difficulty that I had in trying to arrange sufficient care for him. Speaking to friends and family, it soon became clear that I wasn’t the only one in this position and I began to think of a solution to what is such a common problem.”

Offering a range of care that is tailored to suit each individual, Promedica24 enables clients to remain in the comfort of their own home with carers as companions, providing assistance with everyday tasks, from personal care through to cooking and cleaning.

The live-in care service offers a variety of support packages, including advanced care needs such as dementia, enabling individuals to retain their independence whilst remaining safe in the comfort of their own home.

Juhaina, added: “Having had personal experience of trying to source suitable care for elderly relatives, I can relate to the relief and peace of mind that is felt when you know that your loved one is being looked after.

“I hope that I can extend this reassurance to other families in the area and demonstrate to them the many benefits of Promedica24’s live-in care services.”

Recent analysis by Age UK shows that there are now 1.2 million people aged 65+ that don’t receive the help they need with essential daily living activities. Live-in care has become more popular over the past few years as people look for cost effective alternatives to traditional residential care.

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