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Customer Survey Results


It is a privilege for us to provide care and support to our customers and to support our ethos of listening, we carry out a customer questionnaire every six months. As a premium care provider, we strive to go above and beyond in every way possible. With our surveys, we do this by conducting them twice as regularly as we are required to. Our latest survey demonstrated some very encouraging results, notably with over 100% of our customers feeling that they are treated with respect and politeness along with over 94% indicating that tasks are completed professionally. We also received 69 lovely compliments that we would like to thank our customers for. A selection of these are below:

My Care Assistant is very helpful and accommodating. She is friendly and brilliant.

My Care Assistant is very kind, reassuring and always helpful. I look forward to her coming!

The Care Assistants who visit my mum all go the extra mile.

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