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Celebrating With Our Staff


We have recently celebrated with Care Assistant Paula, who has marked her seventh year of employment with us!

Paula joined our team after working as a receptionist and is an extremely dedicated member of staff. Her role as a Care Assistant involves visiting our customers each day to provide valuable support that helps them remain independent.

As a Care Assistant, Paula is often the only person that our customers may see during the day and therefore the support that she provides is more than just the practical aspects of care, but emotional support as well.

Care Manager Mel commented:

"Paula is an excellent member of staff and I am so pleased to have her as part of our team. She is loved by her customers and incredibly reliable.

One example of Paula's dedication is that during our recent poor weather, she picked up a lot of additional visits to ensure customers continued to receive the support that they needed.

I would like to thank Paula for her dedication and look forward to many more years to come!"

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