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Announcing Our Live in Care Assistant Of The Month


We are proud to announce that Bozenna has received our Live in Care Assistant of the month award for April!

Bozenna is a fantastic member of staff who regularly receives compliments from our customers and we are very pleased to be able to recognise her in this way.

Bozenna loves her role with Bluebird Care and she was nominated following the support that she provided as part of a fairly intensive live in care package.

She has worked extremely hard and in a consistent way to improve the life of her customer. When our Care Manager visited, she could not believe the positive change that had happened!

Live in Care Manager Liz commented:

"Bozenna has really done us proud! She has truly improved the life of her customer both physically and mentally.

Her customer is a completely different person to before Christmas and it is a delight to see the positive difference that Bozenna has made.

This change has been through persistence and patience. It is a really great demonstration of the difference live in care can make!"

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