Featured Home Care Providers

£30 + VAT per month Enquire
Invoiced annually @ £360 + VAT. Discounts available for orders of 2 or more Features.

homecare.co.uk Features are a great way to get your brand noticed and generate enquiries.

When you take a Feature, you will appear at the top of your chosen homecare.co.uk area search pages. For each searched location, a maximum of four home care providers will be displayed (three as well as yours). Your home care photo (your 1st photo from your listing), along with your logo, current review score and a link to your home page will all be displayed. Plus, if you are an award winner, your winner’s badge will also appear.

The display order rotates randomly on each page load after 2 minute intervals but you will always feature as one of the four home care providers displayed along the top of the page.

You can be quite specific with your targeting when selecting a Feature. We have a selection of location based options to support your marketing strategy. These include:

  • Small Town / Village e.g. Kintbury
  • Postal Town e.g. Reading
  • Area Postcode e.g. RG
  • County e.g. Berkshire
  • Region e.g. South East
  • Country e.g. England

Please click here to see an example of some current Featured Home Care Provider or see the example below

Groups who book a Featured Home Care Provider can either specify which of their members to display, or a random member record will show. The random member record will be one that matches (if available) the location of the page that it is on. Please note that Groups are not permitted to book more than one Featured Home Care Provider on the same page (eg 2 bookings on the Berkshire Home Care page would not be permitted). Also please note you must be subscribed to the Enhanced or Premium Service to take a Feature.

For information on prices and availability,
please go to your homecare.co.uk Control Panel or call our sales team on 01488 684321